Concealed within the walls, they protect you from dangers you cannot anticipate or see!

Polycab is a leading company in the electrical industry with a glorious track record of over 4 decades. It has the reputation of being the fastest-growing company in the Indian Cables sector. Polycab is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling wires and cables and fast-moving electrical goods ‘FMEG’ under the ‘POLYCAB’ brand. Apart from wires and cables, we manufacture and sell FMEG products such as electric fans, LED lighting and luminaires, switches and switchgear, solar products, and conduits & accessories.


Anish Electricals provides you an extensive range of wires and cables 

LV Control Cables

Anish Electricals provides you an extensive range of wires and cables 

PVC Cables

Anish Electricals provides you an extensive range of wires and cables 

Single Core DC Solar Cables

Single core multi-stranded copper conductor, FR PVC insulated wires with excellent flame retardant properties.

FR Flame Retardant Cables 

Range : 1 pair to 100 pair x 0.40 mm,0.50 mm and 0.63 mm in a solid bare conductor with HDPE insulation and flame retardant jacketing having low cross talk and attenuation.

Telephone cables

The Polycab Green Wire is energy efficient, recyclable, thus making it the preferred choice for Green Buildings.

Green Wire


  • Polycab electrical wires and cables have been certified and recognized as one of the top brands in India.

  • Claiming numerous awards and certifications, you can expect supreme quality wires and cables from Polycab.



  • Polycab announced itself as a public limited company in 2019.

  • An initial public offer of 4,000 Million was offered.

  • Polycab has been a household name in India.


The quality to withstand the harshest of the conditions is impeccable. Be it fire or water.


Your life matters to us the most, hence heat resistant & flame retardant wires and cables protect you from fire hazards.

Easy installation

We offer wires and cables with high flexibility for easy wiring and increased efficiency.

Our mission is to ensure the safety of 1 million + lives, by providing high-quality wires and cables.

Our only question is, do you want to protect your life?

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Anish Electricals has been a pioneer in the field of electrical solutions, with its roots being planted way back in 1956, by DAGA brothers. Till today, we strive to live up to the benchmarks set by our ancestors, and we have been able to achieve the same. 

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