Concealed within the walls, they protect you from dangers you cannot anticipate or see!

Anish Electricals provides you an extensive range of wires and cables from brands like Mescab & Polycab. Being the sole distributors of Mescab wires and cables in Chennai, we strive to provide you an array of options to choose from. We have different types & kinds of electrical wires and cables of Polycab, suitable for house/residential wiring, building construction, commercial wiring, and more.


The quality to withstand the harshest of the conditions is impeccable. Be it fire or water.


Your life matters to us the most, hence heat resistant & flame retardant wires and cables protect you from fire hazards.

Easy installation

We offer wires and cables with high flexibility for easy wiring and increased efficiency.

choose from high-quality brands OF WIRES AND CABLES



  • Using cheap quality wires and cables will surely feel light on your pocket, but it might be a heavy move on your life!

  • You don't want to see short circuits and smokes every other day in your house

  • Purchasing good quality electrical wires and cables doesn't guarantee a no smoke environment, but surely protects you better than the cheaper ones  

POWER & ENERGY SAVINg wires and cables 

  • Cheap quality wires and cables offer you very little value, and power-saving is definitely not something they can offer

  • By using wires and cables of brands like Mescab and Polycab, you not only save money

  • But also, pledge yourself towards a green environment

  • At Anish Electricals, we offer our customers the highest quality of products, as we strive to protect both our customers and mother nature!


  • Purchasing wires and cables is not an everyday activity if you don't buy superior quality ones

  • Good quality wires and cables from Mescab or Polycab last you for more than 5-10 years

  • Investing in a cheaper quality of wires and cables will cost you more than the branded quality of wires and cables in the longer run (You'll have to replace them!)


Wires and cables are like superheroes with a mask, they always protect you, but you don't really know who they are or where they are. As there are so many superheroes, many types of wires and cables exist too. We at Anish Electricals, provide impeccable combinations of wires and cables. From HRFR, FR-LSH cables for homes to Submersible cables for hostile environments, Anish Electricals is your one-stop-shop for everything related to wires and cables.


Submersible Cable:

These are wires and cables made for a stile environment that faces continuous underground water immersion, oil, grease, etc.

LT Copper Power & Control Cable:

Power cables are made for transforming & distributing high power in main lines of electricity. Applicable at places like Airports, Underground wiring, Fire fighting, and more.

Up to 1100V

Up to 1100V

LT Aluminium Power Cable:

Aluminium power cables have excellent installation properties and have a long service life. They are suitable for fixed installation, indoors and outdoors. Applications: Car parking, Hospitals, Road & Rail tunnels, and more.

Multi-Core Cable:

Multi-core electrical cables are extremely versatile and can be utilized across a broad range of industries. Applications: Residential, Commerical, and Industrial.

FR, FR-LSH, HRFR Cables:

These types of wires and cables are flame-retardant and posses heat resistance qualities. Such electrical wires and cables are recommended for housing purposes, and can even be used in commercial spaces.

Up to 1100V

Up to 1100V

Up to 1100V


1.0 sq.mm - 70 sq.mm

1.5 sq.mm - 400 sq.mm

4 sq.mm - 400 sq.mm

0.5 sq.mm - 240 sq.mm

0.5 sq.mm - 630 sq.mm

Our mission is to ensure the safety of 1 million + lives, by providing high-quality wires and cables.

Our only question is, do you want to protect your life?

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Anish Electricals has been a pioneer in the field of electrical solutions, with its roots being planted way back in 1956, by DAGA brothers. Till today, we strive to live up to the benchmarks set by our ancestors, and we have been able to achieve the same. 

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We at Anish Electricals strive to provide you the best wires and cables in India. We offer our customers only the best electrical wire brand in India. Good quality electrical wires and cables help you by giving extra protection via extra time taken by them to catch fire. We provide different types of wires and cables in India and only sell top quality brands like Mescab wires and cables, Polycab wires and cables.


Some types of wires and cables we deal in:


  • House wiring cables

  • Multicore wires and cables

  • Submersible cables

  • FRLS cables

  • HT/LT wires and cables

  • Heat resistant wires and cables

  • Solar cables


Application areas:


High rise buildings | Subways | Wires and cables for railways | Schools | Hospitals | Cinema halls | Residentia; wiring | Domestic wiring | Commerical and industrial projects | Wires and cables for agricultural and industrial applications | House wiring cables


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